Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Make a Good First Impression on a First Date

One of the things we worry about most on a first date is making a good first impression. Sometime because we really like the person, or because we made a great connection with them while chatting on dating for disabled. Whatever the reason, as people we always like to leave a good first impression, and even more-so when it comes to a first date. Here are some things to think about before, and during the date:

1. Show up on time- being late to a first date sends the messages that your time is more valuable than theirs. Make sure to get there on time, and if for some reason you are running late, make sure to call them up and properly apologize for it.

2. Dress nicely- you don't have to go out and buy new clothes, but make the effort to look presentable. It shows your date that you care about impressing them.

3. Listen and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Recall things they said from conversations you had with them online. Showing that you listen and care is a sure way to win over your date.

4. Relax and smile- not like a maniac, but enough to put your date at ease. When you were messaging back and forth on dating4disabled it was much harder to convey tone and body language, so now that you are face to face, make sure to alleviate the tension by smiling.

5. Be funny- not in a forced sort of way, but showing off your charming sense of humor is a wonderful way to break the ice.

6. Flirt! If you genuinely started to make a connection on a matchmaking site, and then arranged to meet up for a date, there is probably already some chemistry there- so why not build on it?

7. Don't be too pushy- you may have been talking for ages, but it's still your first date. so don't come with too many expectations. Don't expect physical contact, and don't expect to be invited back afterwords. Take things slowly, and see where they go. It's only a first date, and there is no reason to get ahead of yourself.

8. Always offer to at least split the check (either that, or cover the whole thing)- yes, even if they offered to pay, you should at least make the symbolic gesture of pulling your wallet out; the nicest way of accepting is going "thanks!I'll get the next one". Also, if you offered to cover the check, do it graciously.

9. If asked where to go, never suggest anywhere expensive- even if you can afford it, you don't know what your date's income is, or if they are living off disability, so choose a reasonably priced coffee shop to sit in.

10. don't get intoxicated- alcohol is not a good way to go, also for online dating safety reasons, and also, because you don't want to get sloppy and act silly.

11. Be genuinely nice and kind- this may seem obvious, but unfortunately it isn't. Even if they weren't what you expected, even if they don't look like their online dating profile picture, even if there is no chemistry, and even if thee date doesn't go well. Just because you don't see a future past this first date, doesn't mean that you should scare them off online dating sites, and dating in general. Sometimes, first dates just don't work out, that's dating. But try and be as nice as possible about the whole thing, because they will go on to date other people, and you don't want to scar them, or put them off dating.

12. Get out of your own head- if they don't like you it wasn't meant to be, but if you keep constantly worrying about whether or not you're making a good first impression, you will just end up acting flustered and nervous. Relax, enjoy the company of this other person, and hopefully it will work out. But if you are unable to enjoy yourself it will show.

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