Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Not to Get Bitter About Online Dating

Look, online dating isn't a magical solution, you have to work hard, and it takes time to find someone you can see yourself having a serious relationship with. That said, the biggest pitfall you will encounter with online dating is losing patience and giving up on the whole thing. Here are some great ideas on how to not get fed up and subsequently give up. Because hey, it may be a cliche, but it's very likely that there is someone on dating4disabled that you can end up meeting and falling in love with, and if you get fed up too soon, you probably won't get a chance to meet.

1. Don't go on dates for the sake of going on dates: just because someone asked doesn't mean you are in anyway obligated to go out with them. If you don't feel you are forming any kind of connection then either give it a little more time before meeting, or don't go out with them at all. There is nothing that will depress you more than going on a bunch of bad dates! So don't do it, just say no to people you don't feel like you have any chemistry with.

2. Don't wait too long before going on a date with another online dating site member: you shouldn't meet up with someone before you feel comfortable (and always remember, with online dating, safety first). But if you wait for months before going on a first date, you may end up building it up in your head way too much. They may tern out to be not at all like their online persona. Or you may find you have no chemistry at all with them (they may also be the most wonderful person you have ever met). But if they don't turn out to be the one for you, especially after months of expectations, it may cause you to resent online dating, and even give up on going out with anyone.

3. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket: the point of using a disabled matchmaking service is that you can chat to a few people who you liked the look of their profile. Don't only message one person, message a dozen! They may have forgotten to shut down their profile, they may not be interested, & they may have already met someone, you never know. So don't only send out one or two messages and then give up on the whole thing, because you may end up missing out on something truly awesome.

4. Don't go out with people who are only looking for a bit of fun or casual encounters: just don't message people or message them back if you're looking for a proper relationship. If what you want is someone for a long term relationship, and they don't, that's their right so long as they were upfront about it. If you arrange to meet up with someone who isn't really looking to date, you're wasting their time, and more importantly, yours.

5. Remember that no one has to go out with you: if you message another dating for disabled member and they don't write back, don't bother sending them an angry follow-up message. If someone is unable, or too rude to reply to a message then move on. Even if you really liked their profile/profile picture, there is someone out there who is more suited to you.

6. Complain to a friend: confide in a friend about the whole process. Don't be embarrassed to say you're using an online matchmaking service, everyone does. Having someone to share the process with will make good dates a lot more fun, and bad ones a lot more tolerable.

Good luck! -Admin D4D

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