Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Activity Ideas for Your First Date

You've made it to the first date! Here are some great first date ideas for when you arrange to meet another dating for disabled member offline.

But before you pick and activity, remember, dating for disabled is an online disability matchmaking service; meaning that you should take into account the possible special needs of your date. Is the coffee shop/bar wheelchair accessible? Does your date have any particular dietary needs that need to be taken into consideration? If you're thinking of going for a walk or doing something physical- can they participate and have fun? When you're dating someone with a disability these are questions you should ask beforehand!

1. Classic coffee shop date- simple and a great way to have a quiet chat and get to know someone. It's also cheap, and you can keep it short and sweet.

2. Cheap Dinner- dating can get very expensive if you are doing a lot of it. So pick something inexpensive like a tasty new food truck, or maybe pack a picnic in a nice location. You can leave five star dining for later on in the relationship.

3. Go Bowling, or choose another fun activity. This way you can go and have fun, it's a great bonding experience.

4. Get Fruit-shakes or Ice cream- If it's hot out, why not get something to cool off with while taking a walk around town. This is a great activity for a weekend afternoon date.

Don't forget, a first date isn't about spending exuberant amounts of money, or trying to think of something really creative and insane to impress someone. It's about sitting down, having fun, and getting to know this other person.

Try and avoid: concerts, loud bars and movies. You want to be able to get to know someone a little better, something that can't happen if you can't talk or hear each-other over the noise. Pick someplace quiet but always in public, never go anywhere remote or invite a stranger over to your home. But most importantly, pick a setting where you can relax and enjoy yourself and your their company.   

Don't forget to read our safety rules and guidelines before arranging to meet in person:

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