Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Disabled Dating Sites

There are a ton of dating sites out there, that serve a verity of different communities. I'm talking about a concept called niche dating websites. They aren't the regular, big websites, but rather little ones with a specific user demographic. So, why use a smaller website? (Instead of one of the big ones). The reason for this, is you just might not find what you are looking for on one of the big popular sites because you have very specific needs. If you are looking for someone who is gay, of you're specific ethnicity or religion, or in this case disabled. This is why people choose a disabled dating service over a regular one, because it is more specific to their unique need, they are also looking for someone else with a disability or, medical condition. People who use wheelchairs, amputees, visually or hearing impaired, sometimes prefer to meet someone who also has a life challenge. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same as their own (but sometimes it is. It just makes people feel more comfortable using a dating service, and the internet, to find a partner.

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