Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to Stay Safe When Using Online Dating

When using online dating, Dating for Disabled recommends you follow the following safety guidelines:
Dating for Disabled does its best to insure people who should not be using the site, are removed and banned. But that said, you should also know how to look out for your own safety when using any kind of online matchmaking service. So here are some basic safety tips for both on, and offline dating.
Safety Rules for Online Chatting:
1. Always be in control, and always feel comfortable with the situation. You decide what to share and with who. You shouldn't feel obligated to share any personal, or contact information with someone until you feel it's time. Same goes for your real name and photograph.  
2. Never give anyone your home address or bank account information. EVER.
3. Set up a new email account (separate from your personal/work) just for online dating.
4. Ask tons of questions, watch out for any inconsistencies in the answers. 
5. Stay AWAY from anyone who won’t take NO for an answer, if anyone pushes your boundaries in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, stop talking to them and blacklist their profile. 
"Blacklist" is located above and bellow inside every user profile:

6. If someone asks you for money,  REPORT them directly to the site’s admin by email: 
Or by using the "Report" button located at the bottom of THEIR user profile:

7. If the info in a profile isn't consistent, if they filled out that they have a masters degree from Yale, but have awful grammar and spelling. If they say that they are bald, but have red hair, if their user photo looks like it was stolen from a fashion magazine, or if anything at all doesn't feel right- REPORT them.
We do our best to block fake profiles, but unfortunately some manage to slip through the cracks! Always be on the look out, and if a message, or profile seem odd, we are always happy to look into your report, and if needed, remove the fake profile from the site. 
8. If someone gives you a phone-number with an area code you do not recognize, look it up before calling it, because it might be a toll-number.
We are here to insure your safety, please report any suspicious activity on Dating for Disabled so we can look into it.
Meeting another Dating for Disabled Member in Person:
1. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into a meet-up before you are ready! 
2. Arrange to meet in public for your first date: a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar are great meeting places. NEVER give them your home address, or invite them over. This person is still a stranger, and your safety comes first.
3. Make your own way to, and from the date
4. Arrange with a friend/family member to check-in every hour by text or phone, and always tell them where you will be and who you are meeting. You can agree on a "safe word" ahead of time (just in case).
5. Trust your instincts, if something doesn't feel right, leave! 
Dating4Disabled does its best to keep you safe, but you still have to keep your eyes open! Any member that for some reason doesn't seem real to you, report them. It's our job to look into them for you.
If you would like to read more on safety rules go to:

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