Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Pick a Great Picture for Your Online-Dating Profile

You've filled out your profile, you've settled into the site, and you're already chatting to other members. That's Brilliant! The next thing you need to do is upload a great profile picture for your dating profile.
Don't do this before you feel comfortable, but once you do, you should know there are a lot of benefits for having a picture. Pictures are important because they attract people's attention, and they also turn you into a "real life person". People will feel more comfortable sending you a message, because it makes your profile more personal, and they can now get a better fee about who your are. That said, you shouldn't just post any picture, you should take a few minutes and give it a little bit of thought.
I have collected a bunch of advice, to help you pick the perfect profile picture/s for your account Dating for Disabled:
1. Choose a photo in which you are alone. If your'e standing next to friends/family people might not understand which one is you and move on. A dating website isn't facebook or google plus, here it's all about you. Show off your great smile, not your friends.
2.  Make sure that at least one of your photos is a head-shot, so people know what you look like, and the rest are full body shots. Full-body shots have been found to be more successful, but that said, you should still only post the pictures you are comfortable with! 
3. Make sure the photo actually looks like you! When you show up for a date, the person you met online is expecting the person in the photo to show up! So make sure it isn't only a photo of you, but that it actually looks like you! 
I know it's tempting to post that one amazing photo from your brother's wedding, or a photo from ten years ago! But don't do it, just like you expect other members to show up looking like the person you've been chatting to for months, you should do the same. 
That doesn't mean you shouldn't pick a photo in which you look awesome, just make sure that it really looks like you. If you're not sure, just ask a friend for their opinion. 
4. If you're in a wheelchair/mobility device, walk with crutches, or have some sort of prosthetic, don't be embarrassed to post that photo! Dating for Disabled is here so you don't feel embarrassed to post a photo in your wheelchair, or of your arm/leg. At the end of the day, it's a website for disabled dating
5. Make sure you are smiling! Profiles with positive photos and language are just more likely to get messages.  
6. Don't post too many photos, go for 3-4 is plenty. 
7. Don't forget that once you've posted a photo everyone on the site can see it, make sure the photo doesn't have any personal info. For example: did you take it in front of your collage campus, or office sign, does your house have the street name and number on it. Make sure you take these things into consideration when posting a photo that has things in the background. 
 8. If you have a hobby or a cute pet, have one of your photos either be with your pet (not just a photo of your puppy on its own, make sure you are in the photo as well), or doing something you love. Photos like this will show off your fun side, and are a great conversation starter.

9. Men, no half naked photos! If you are looking for love you are sending the wrong message. Ladies, same goes for you, try and avoid swimsuit pics, because you are just way more likely to get messages about the way you look. 
The next part of the post is more technical.
Not sure how to upload photos to your Dating for Disabled profile, this is how:
1. Go to Dating 4 Disabled.
2. Click on "View Profile" (Meaning, go into your own profile).
edit pics 1
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window and click on "Edit Your Pictures".
edit pic
4. Select up to 4 photos to upload.
edit pics 3
5. Wait for your photo to be approved by the D4D Admin.

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