Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Decide if to Message Back on a Dating Site

So you get a new message in your Dating for Disabled inbox. How do you decide if to reply to the message?

Things to look out for that will help you decide:

1. What is the message like? Did the sender make an effort to personalize the message. Did they mention anything written in your profile? If they did, they probably took the time to read it. This is someone you should consider replying to.

2. Is the only thing they commented about your profile your physical appearance/photo? Did it make you feel even in the little bit uncomfortable? Don't message them back.

3. Did they make an effort to start a conversation with you? Or did the message just say "hi"? Unless their profile is really awesome, don't message them back.

4. Go to their profile. Do they look like someone you would like to sit down for coffee with? Do you have things in comment with them?
This is a great place to start a relationship! You should message this dating for disabled member back!

5. Dating 4 disabled is a website for disabled singles, if another member is listed as "I am not disabled", or "more info about my disability in the about me section", but then when you scroll down there is nothing there,  and that bothers you, just don't message them back.

6. Now, compare the grammar in the message and profile to the members listed education (take into consideration of course country of origin, and whether or not they have listed the have a learning disability under the "disability" section. If they stated they have a MA from Columbia but have horrible English, they may be lying. More tips on how to spot a dating site scammer/ fake profile:

7. If something about the message didn't feel right, or made you feel uncomfortable, don't message them back. At the end of the day, you're on the site to find a match, and you should always feel in control of that search, and the situation. So, just don't feel guilty about not answering.

8. Don't feel bad if they aren't the one for you! Some people will be a good match for you, and others won't, and that is nothing to feel bad about. This is one of the great advantages of using an online disabled matchmaking service. That said, the flip-side of that, is on occasion someone won't message you back. That's just how internet dating works, move on to the next potential date!

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