Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Getting Over the Fear of Using a Disabled Dating Service

Getting over the fear of using a disabled dating service isn't easy. Some people worry that is isn't socially acceptable to use online dating sites, they worry what people will think. Not to mention the worry of actually having to put yourself out there, partnered with a fear of rejection. Deciding to sign up for online dating isn't as easy for some as it is for others. We have put together a list of "worries" and possibly some ideas that might help put your mind at ease:

1. "Online dating isn't safe"- online dating is exactly like regular dating, just like you wouldn't invite a person you met five minutes ago at a bar into your home, don't do so for people you met online. If you read up on all of the safety tips and use some common sense you will be absolutely fine.

2. "I'm afraid of getting hurt"- this albeit rational fear, is true for all forms of dating. In order to open yourself up to a meaningful relationship, you are also opening yourself up to rejection and heartbreak.
But don't sell yourself short by avoiding meaningful connections!

3. "I'm afraid of being rejected because of my disability"- if you've had bad experiences in the past because you were rejected simply because of your disability, dating 4 disabled is the place for you. One of the wonderful things about the site is how warm and friendly its members are to one another. People log-on to the site to meet and connect with other people who also have disabilities.

4. "I'm afraid of what people will think"- just like all of our social interactions happen on facebook/twitter/instagram and so on, why should dating be any different?

5 "Online dating is only for desperate people"- there are so many wonderful people out there, that fate will never allow you to cross paths with. Maybe they live in a different town or country, maybe you have no friends in common with them. Online dating sites help bring you in contact with a larger number of disabled singles than you would otherwise not meet in "real" life.

6. "Everyone on online dating sites are just looking for casual encounters"- this isn't the case, of course there are those dating sites and apps that specialize in matchmaking of that nature, and there are people who are looking for that. But this is where your judgment and strategy come in. If you are looking for a serious relationship, don't waist your time on people who state in their profile that they are not interested in anything long-term. It's completely up to you who you talk to, and how much time you spend talking to them. If you feel someone is messing you around don't put up with it! It's as simple as that.

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