Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to Flirt on an Online Dating Site

If you've finally found another dating for disabled member that you genuinely like, there is probably going to be a lot of back-and-forth going on. But how do you convey flirting through a key-bored?! Some people find it hard enough flirting with someone face to face, and then you can at least use tone and body language to convey interest. But when you're using a disabled matchmaking service, or any online dating site, it isn't always easy to get your point across without some of it getting lost. 
Here are some simple things that can help you flirt on an online dating site:

1. Always keep your tone upbeat and positive.

2. If you're being joking or sarcastic make sure to use an emoticon so the other dating4disabled member get's that you're joking. Otherwise you can just end up having awkward misunderstandings.

3. Be blunt- if you really like someone, and want to meet them for a coffee date, tell them that. It isn't always easy to convey interest in another person you are in the same room with, let alone when you can't see their facial expressions. Being upfront helps clear up a lot of the uncertainty. They might not be interested, but hey, at least then you will know where things stand!

4. Give them positive feedback- did they tell you they enjoy spending time chatting to you on the site? If you're also enjoying their company, make sure to tell them so.

5. Confront people who you feel are playing games with you- if you feel someone is stringing you along, or if you aren't sure where you stand- ask them. Lay your cards on the table: "I like you, would you like to meet up sometime?" If you signed up for dating4disabled to meet another disabled single, don't waist your time on people who aren't serious! It's OK to give people the time to feel comfortable enough to go on a date, but if you get the feeling that they are messing you around not out of genuine place, and they won't give you a strait answer after you asked them out, maybe it's time to move on.

6. Arrange a skype/phone date before going out on a real one. Chat on the phone for a little while before meeting up; this will allow you to ease into the date a little, but also hear their tone of voice, and it's a great opportunity to be a little more playful and flirty- this just helps convey interest, and lighten the mood (as far as easing any tension or awkwardness their might be).

Good luck guys!
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