Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Found a Fake Profile on Dating for Disabled, What Do I Do?

Many dating site users tend to suspect a profile is fake, and move on- they don't report it, or do anything about it. Possibly because they second guess themselves, and worry about making a mistake, or don't trust their own judgment. Or possibly because they feel guilty about reporting another member. For whatever reason, they decide to ignore a profile that may or may not be real.

Why is this bad? It's bad to ignore a profile you suspect is fake, because whilst you may understand this person isn't a genuine user, other people may not. That is why reporting is so important, it helps keep the community safe. 

The first thing you need to know is that there is a report button: every user profile on dating for disabled has a "Report Abuse" button. The button is located at the top and bottom of the profile page pop up, and is really easy to use. Simply click "report abuse":

After you've done that, please tell us why you think this user isn't genuine. Does their profile look suspicious? Did they text you asking for money? Give us some idea of why you decided to report them. The more info you can give us the better! But that said, you can also go with your gut feeling, if something doesn't feel right about a profile you should report him anyway! Let us do the work of looking into it.

You can read here a little bit more about how to spot a fake online profile:

Once you've successfully filled out the report box (this should take you about a minute) we will receive it and review your request. We review all abuse reports within a couple of days and remove and block users that are found to be fake. Please note that with paying members it may take a little bit longer. 

Don't worry about getting someone into trouble, we don't remove members without a proper investigation! 

If the member you reported was deleted you will no longer see them on the site. If the now blocked member sent you a message, it will disappear from your dating for disabled inbox.

If the member was not removed, it is because we did not find anything wrong with them. That said, feel free to report them again if you think we missed something (but please try and explain what you think we missed).

Help us keep dating for disabled safe, and don't be afraid to use the report button!

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