Thursday, June 12, 2014

Should Your Online Dating Profile Talk About Marriage?

One of the things we are always told about dating is you shouldn't talk about marriage and kids too quickly. After all, nobody likes things to progress too quickly, because that can cause unwanted stress. But what about online dating, how can we weed out all of those people really looking for casual encounters and find those who want a serious relationship if we cant put "marriage" in the looking for section of our online dating profile.
How do we find that tricky balance between scaring off potential partners on online dating sites, but also not getting stuck with only messages from people looking for casual encounters
But don't worry, it is possible!
The key to doing it successfully is phrasing! You should state that you are looking for a serious relationship, but stay away from negative phrasing like: "I'm not looking to be messed around". Keep to what you are looking for, and not what you aren't looking for. There is no reason not to advertise that you know what you want, and who should apply (aka message you on the site).
But that said, the amount of detail is what throws the whole thing off. Try and avoid describing your dream life; a good dating site profile should say "looking for a serious relationship" and end there. Avoid phrases like: "I'm looking for a loving person to marry and start a family with". It's too much! The first stage to marriage is meeting someone you actually like, and have a connection with- set your sites on that. Look for a person to connect with, and once you've actually met up, been one a few dates, and started really picturing that this may be someone you can spend your future with, then talk about it.
It's not that you shouldn't tell another dating for disabled members that what you want is to get married and have kids, it's when you should you tell someone. That's the point.

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