Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to Tell if a Profile is Fake- Online Dating

Whether you are new to Dating for Disabled, or have been using it for ages, you may not know how to spot if a profile is fake, or what to do if you suspect it is. Here are some tips that will help you decide if a profile is real or not, and how to "report" a profile that isn't genuine. The most important aspect of online dating is that you stay safe when using the site. More safety tips for online disabled dating here:

How to spot a fake online dating profile:

1. Bad English and Grammar (unless their profile specifically states that they were not born in an English speaking country, or have a learning disability; don't forget that many people with learning disabilities use dating for disabled).

2. Photos that look like they were taken from a magazine
If a photo looks too professional it probably is.

3. The info in the profile doesn't add up. There are a ton of inconsistencies and mistakes. The user stated they have long brown hair but have also written they are bald (and so on). This also requires of you to carefully read through their profile.

4. Their height and weight don't match up. If the member stated that they are quite tall, but their weight just doesn't make sense- report them and we will look into it for you.

5. The users message and profile sound too generic. They made no effort to personalize anything, for example: they sent you a really long message but in no way is it personalized.

Tip: you can copy-paste their "about me" section into a google search and see if one of the spammer data-bases recognizes them.

6. Their online dating profile is empty. If you seen an empty profile just don't message them, period!

7.  Did their message ask for personal information? Did they ask you to donate money or give them money? This is not OK! Report them at once so they can be removed. 

If you found a profile you believe to be a fake it's really easy to report them! (Don't worry, Dating for Disabled won't remove them without an investigation first). Just go to their profile, scroll down to the bottom, and click the "report abuse" button:

Or you can use the contact form on the site (just make sure to copy down their user-name/ID so we know who to look for):

Please don't hesitate to report any kind of suspicious activity!

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