Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is Online-Dating Socially Acceptable?

"Is Online-Dating Socially Acceptable?" Is a question that worries many of us while making the decision whether or not to sign up to an online matchmaking service (disabled or not). We are constantly worried about what will our friends or family think about us if we use online dating. We worry that it makes us look desperate, or pathetic. But let's examine this point for a second. Since social media took over our lives a few years ago, most of our interactions with our friends happen in virtual reality. We have forgone printing out pictures to put in photo albums, in exchange for virtual albums on facebook; because it's easier to share our pictures and lives that way. We make plans to meet up through chat. So if the bulk of our social lives and interactions happen online, then why is it  suddenly taboo or wrong to use a dating service for our love-lives?
The idea behind dating sites is that there are hundreds of people out there that can be a potential matches for us, but we have no way of meeting them. These are people that we don't have any friends in common with, we don't share the same hang-outs or yoga classes with them. They might be the potential love of our life but we will never meet them without the help of the internet.
The amazing thing about online matchmaking services, is that they can help connect us with lots of other people who are looking for the same thing. If you are serious about meeting someone and settling down, you can look for other people who want the same thing. If you would like to meet other people with disabilities, online matchmaking services like dating for disabled can help you make that happen.
People who do not use online dating cling to the saying: "I don't need online dating, I can meet people just fine in real life". But they don't realize that they are missing the point, it isn't always about whether or not you meet other singles in bars or through friends, it's about all of those people you are NOT meeting. All of those people who run in different social circles, or work and live in a part of town you never go. It's about what you're missing out on. Sometimes, serendipity just isn't enough! Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands and use an online dating site to meet all of those other people you have no way of running into in a bar.
Whether you are disabled or not, it isn't always easy to meet people to date seriously. Dating sites are just the means to an end, a tool that can help connect you with other singles. Just like you use twitter, facebook and other sites to connect with your friends, why not consider using a dating site to connect with other singles?

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