Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Things that Will Minimize your Online-Dating Chances

There are a lot of things you can do right when it comes to online dating, but there are also thing you can do wrong that will minimize your chances of meeting someone when using a dating site. If you're a dating for disabled member, here are some things you should NOT be doing if you would like to find a partner on Dating4Disabled: 

1. Leave your profile empty and photo-less. If you would like to meet another member to date, you will have to make the minimal effort of filling out your profile. Adding a picture will also greatly improve your chances of meeting someone.

Read more on how to fill out your online dating profile:

2. Send generic messages like: "hi!" or "wasup?". 
Make sure to personalize your messages and ask questions.

3. Be sexually explicit on your profile/user name. This will reduce your chances of other D4D members messaging you.

4. Fill out your "looking for" section of your profile with a list of things you DON'T want. If you would like people to respond to you, you need to keep your profile language positive. Instead of writing lots of things you don't want, write what you DO want, and who you WOULD like to meet.

5. Comment on people's physical appearance (even if it is a compliment). It makes people feel uncomfortable and self conscious, so avoid compliments about how they look.
This doesn't mean you shouldn't compliment them, just stick to things like: "I see your favorite book is Fifty Shades of Grey, you have excellent taste in literature".

6. Be disrespectful in anyway to another member about their: disability, appearance, personality, or something they posted or shared. Dating 4 Disabled is a community with blogs and forums that members use to share their thoughts, and like on any site, trolls are not tolerated!

7. Send angry messages to people who didn't reply to yours. Part of online dating is understanding that for a variety of different reasons people aren't always going to reply to a message you sent them. Maybe they left the site, or have already found someone and forgot to change their relationship status, and maybe they just aren't interested. Either way, if someone doesn't reply, just forget about them and move on.

8. Lying about your appearance, occupation, disability or anything else. You may rationalize lying as 'something everyone does on internet dating sites', but the flaw in the plan is: if you do end up meeting someone you genuinely like, it may end up backfiring on you. Possibly because you will be too embarrassed to meet up with them, or worry they will reject you when they realize you lied. You can decide to be selective about what information you put on your profile, but don't post things that aren't true.

9. Refuse to ever be the first one to message another member. If you want to meet other members on a disability matchmaking website, you're going to have to make the effort to message them. You can't just sit around and hope someone contacts you, it's time to be proactive.

Being proactive about the whole process will also raise your chances of finding someone who fits your criteria of what you're looking for!  

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